photo by Trung Phan


photo by Trung Phan


I'm delighted you found your way to TruthSlant.  

You are welcome here, and valued. I would love for you to journey with me through my writing.


A little about me:

I have a complicated present and past, some of it radiant, some of it tragic.  

I am interested in culture and how we shape it and it shapes us.

My lens of faith is rather askew but I use it anyhow, and I value it, and am always trying to grow and see better. Lord I believe, help my unbelief. 

I live in the Appalachian mountains, where my people have existed for generations spanning back into the 18th century. 

I feel connected to a Christ-haunted, history-stalked culture that happens to prize sweet tea and barbeque, as well as family, faith, and place.

I have a dog, a road bicycle, a couple tattoos, a Subaru, too much debt, a couple fancy degrees, beautiful kids, a husband, a few close friends, a secret or two or a thousand,

and lots of books.